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If you’re anything like me and love country music and the lifestyle–then we’ll be fast friends. I’m a city gal with a country heart and soul!

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I moved to Nashville in the fall of 2014 from San Diego, California taking a HUGE leap of faith.  I had a strong resume, Emmy Awards and Associated Press awards and tons of experience in my field after working 13 years as a television reporter.  But my ultimate dream in life ‘professionally’ was to use my skills and work among my favorite country music singers.  I wanted a life that included access to people who I grew up listening to and access to the concerts I loved attending.  Backstage access, VIP seating and lucrative invites – that sounded like a fun life to me!  I knew there was only one way to TRULY find out if this could happen and that was for me to move to where that life existed; Nashville.  In doing so, I’d have to leave a lucrative television job in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

After six years of hemming and hawing over it and consulting with God about WHEN to go, the time came in 2014 where he said – GO NOW. I packed up my bags of excitement and fear and drove cross country – knowing that if I never did this, I’d always regret it.

And regret is painful.  Man, I HATE regret!  That’s a whole other story we need to talk about 🙂

This website started out as a general blog about country music with no real focus, and I found myself disengaged from writing.  What celebrities eat for lunch, what they’re naming their babies and what cars they drive, don’t interest me.

What does make my heart flip is hearing about their relationship with God, and how that’s inspired them personally in their lives and career.  Without God, I can’t tell you if I’d have survived some of the ‘downs’ in my life.  Naturally, I’m inspired about hearing how people found faith, triumphed over tragedy, found resilience and made tough choices in life.

I want to be inspired and encouraged, don’t you?

I certainly hope so because starting February 2018, Country News Gal is ready to dig deep and charge ahead with God at the helm of the converstaions!

I love hearing YOUR stories, suggestions, feedback, topic ideas and more than anything — meeting new friends!  XOXO


Darryl Worley

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