Be Inspired This Holiday: Songwriter for Alabama’s “Angels Among Us” shares her angelic story

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Another year, Another Christmas, Another beautiful day celebrating Jesus — Another New Year around the corner.

The holidays can be a tough time for people.  Some struggle with loss, sickness, loneliness, heartache or depression.  Sensitivities arise this time of year because Christmas tends to conjure up moments of happiness from times in our lives as kids, perhaps.

It was a time in our lives when – we believed in so much!

As we get older life taints our spirit with hurt, heartbreak, disappointments, dysfunction and we begin to harden our hearts.

When “Angels Among Us” by Alabama came across my Pandora stream, I froze.  alabama

I listened, so should you.

I sat in prayer this morning, thankful that while I’ve never known all the answers and yes, I’ve spent many times in the midst of depression, questions and anxiety – I’ve always had the spiritual eyes to ‘see’ I’m not alone.

I’m so thankful I had faith in something bigger than me as a little girl.  My dad died suddenly when I was 11 years old.  My family was broken.  We didn’t communicate.  There were no sharing of feelings, little hugging or affection.  I never expressed my vulnerability or hurt much.  I always cried to God when I was alone at night, and I felt him in the midst of my sorrow.  I felt protected.

This last week, I started praying – asking God to confirm that we really are guided.  I just needed to hear from God himself on this topic.

And sure enough …. CONFIRMED!

– During Christmas Eve service our pastor spoke specifically about the angels that came to Joseph.  The first thing they said to Joseph was, ‘Don’t be Afraid!’  This is the beauty of how God answers our prayers and needs.  If we begin to spiritually SEE, we realize the stranger in the parking lot or grocery store that says something profound just when we needed to hear it – is not an accident.  Like Joseph, our job is to relax and trust the guidance.

– That night I went home, crawled into bed and opened a book I’m reading and the exact paragraph I read was speaking of having spiritual faith and relaxing in knowing that we are being GUIDED.

– Then today, my Bible chapter was about having FAITH like Noah and Abraham.  They didn’t ‘see’ with their eyes, but trusted they were being GUIDED.

– And this morning, on Christmas Day, I’m cooking breakfast and meditating on this blessing and Alabama’s “Angels Among Us” comes across my station – and yet again, I KNEW.

Except this time, I wanted to share with you this Christmas gift.

See … that’s how He works!  ALL those back to back things were answers to my prayer, not coincidence.  I was receptive to hearing His voice and how He speaks to me.  If we open our spiritual ears and eyes, we will see how God uses people and circumstances to lead us to the right place, page, person, book, seat, opportunity, workshop, networking event or church.  The timing is never a coincidence and when I go back and connect the dots to all my spiritual miracles, I smile from ear to ear!

We must simply receive.

A broken heart stops listening after awhile, and I’ve been on that road myself too.  Heck, I’m still rebuilding, but life will always be a crooked journey!   We just have to do the next right thing, which also is not easy, ha!

Let this be the Christmas we all start listening again.  Believe.  You are not alone.

If you don’t believe me, CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO: Songwriter, Becky Hobbs – shares the story behind her hit song, “Angels Among Us.

Merry Christmas Friends!


merry xmas

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