A sit down with Kenny Rogers – he shares his trick for taking the perfect selfie

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Kenny rogers 2NASHVILLE, TN – You know Kenny Rogers as an award winning world renowned singer, songwriter, record producer and movie star, but don’t forget to add a self proclaimed selfie pro to the list!

“You always take em’ higher than eye level, then you look up and you don’t have shadows under your eyes,” he says.  

FINALLY a man who understands the art of taking a selfie, ha!  Just teasing … though Kenny is exactly right, so listen up folks.

As I sat and chatted with this musical legend, I noticed his blue eyes start to shine when I spoke of his favorite hobby, photography.  Most people don’t realize Kenny has been a professional photographer for years and has traveled the world and published several photo books.  So, when it comes to snapping the perfect landscape, Kenny has the eye.  Admittedly, he got some help from his 11 year old twin boys, Justin and Jordan, when it came to familiarizing himself with the modern day selfie.Kenny Rogers 4

“One of my favorite stories is, we took them to Africa for an African safari.  I gave them each a camera and I said, ‘Now shoot the things you like because when you get back to school you can show the other kids.  They were all selfies!'” he says laughing.  “They didn’t have any animals behind them.  I mean it’s a great age.  They both have great senses of humor and I’m trying to teach them beauty.  We will be driving to school and there will be a morning sunrise and I’ll say, ‘Isn’t that beautiful?’ They’re starting to get it.”

kenny kids

Several of Kenny’s published photo books include, Kenny Rogers’ America, Your Friends and Mine and This Is My Country, which holds black and white photographs of country stars like Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson and Faith Hill.  Over the years, when life has taken him away from home and on the road, his sense of peace always came when perched behind the lens.   

“I’m a professional photographer, so scenery does that to me.  Niagara Falls does that and Lake Powell does that.  I’ve been all over the world, Lake Powell is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to,” Kenny recalls.  “It’s out where Colorado and Nevada and all those states meet.  It’s the Grand Canyon with water and you go around in a boat.  It’s spectacular.”

Kenny wrapped his farewell tour, “The Gambler’s Last Deal,” in Nashville earlier this  year with sold out shows all over the world.  Now, he’s sitting back, enjoying family life in Georgia, taking it slow and definitely enjoying the view.

And what a view it’s been!

Kenny Rogers

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