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Craig Campbell supports cancer survivors & song sparks my childhood Heaven

Written by countrynewsgal
craig-campbellNASHVILLE  – Craig Campbell is one of the sweetest guys out there and here’s another reason why!  The country singer sported a Denver Broncos shirt with pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also performed the national anthem at the “Salute to Survivors” game in Colorado.

“It’s always an honor to sing our national anthem but it’s extra special to sing it on a day we celebrate and salute the survivors,” he says. “Overcoming and winning against breast cancer is the greatest victory and I was glad to be a part of their day.”

Craig’s own life story is connected to cancer because when was 11 years old his father died of colorectal cancer; his dad was only 36 years old.   Like Craig, I lost my dad when I was 11 years old too.  My dad had a heart attack while he was on a business trip in Ireland.  That’s a tough age to lose such a meaningful person in your life, and Craig’s new song, “Outskirts of Heaven,” makes me wonder what is going on up there in la-la Heaven!  He says when he dies he wants to live on the outskirts of heaven where there’s fishing and dirt roads!
 Interestingly, as a little girl my dad bought a ranch in Florida where we’d spend the weekends and it sounds very much like ‘Heaven According to Craig Campbell!’  We’d gallop on horseback through the pastures, hunt deer at the crack of dawn and at night spotlight them to see their laser green eyes.  I remember the smell of campfires and the warmth of my red flannel shirts during the cool nights of winter.  Packing up my dad’s cherry red Ford truck and heading to the town rodeo was never more fun!
craig-campbell-2We had a dog named Blue who would run right beside the spinning wheels of our double decker Jeep as it splashed through the muddy creeks.  Blue came with the property when my dad bought it, and that dog knew the lay of the land alright.  If we didn’t, that ranch mutt certainly did.  And the DESERT INN – where we went for pecan pie 🙂
desert-innI can sit here and write more memories as they’re coming back to me so vividly and wonderfully.  And, perhaps this a conversation that should continue.  But in the meantime, I’m realizing this …..
 As a little girl, that was my living Heaven.
 To be continued …..

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