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Sex, Alcohol, Heartache: Miranda Lambert gets gritty in new single, “Vice”

Written by countrynewsgal

miranda_lambert_with_guitarsNASHVILLE, TN – Miranda Lambert releases her new single, “Vice.”  And here’s the low down ….

Raw.      Deep.      Moody.     Edgy.     Brave.  

The heartbreak song truly draws us into the life of a pained person who’s scarred and running towards vices that lead to quick fixes but eventual guilt and shame.  The lyrics conjure up images of  drinking, devastating loneliness and hurt.

“I’m nervous, but I’m excited because I really only had feedback from a small circle of people around me,” Miranda shares with fans online about the release of the single.  “I just hope that everyone that hears it can feel like they’re not on an island that we all  have things in our life that aren’t necessarily pleasant to talk about. But, this song is just as honest as you can get about emotions and letting raw emotions just live where they live until you move on to a happier place.”

After her divorce from Blake Shelton, the 32 year old singer purchased a home on 400 acres in Nashville.  She’s spent months in creative isolation with a guitar, her thoughts and her story … all to share now as she ventures into this new phase of life.

“We all can’t be sunshine and roses every day,” she adds.  “Sometimes when we’re not, we find things that make us feel better in the moment, and that’s what a vice is.  I think when you go through something in your life that’s hard you learn what you run to and what you run from and sometimes that comes full circle.”

Listen to the words and read along below.  What’s your reaction to this new single?  xoxo


Sting of the needle dropping on a vinyl
Neon singer with a jukebox title
Full of heartbreak
When it hurts this good, you gotta play it twice

Another vice

All dressed up in a pretty black label
Sweet salvation on a dining room table
Waiting on me
Where the numb meets the lonely
It’s gone before it ever melts the ice

Another vice, another call
Another bed I shouldn’t crawl
Out of at 7am with shoes in my hand
Said I wouldn’t do it but I did it again
And I know I’ll be back tomorrow night

I wear a town like a leather jacket
When the new wears off I don’t even pack it
If you need me
I’ll be where my reputation don’t precede me

Maybe I’m addicted to goodbyes
Another vice, another town

Where my past can’t run me down
Another life, another call
Another bed I shouldn’t crawl
Out of at 7am with shoes in my hand
Said I wouldn’t do it but I did it again

And I know I’ll be gone tomorrow night
Another vice

Standing at the sink not looking in the mirror
Don’t know where I am or how I got here
Well the only thing that I know how to find

Is another vice
Another vice

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